Poiesis Event Space

Poiesis is an aspect of Praxis Arts which is a stage for hosting a spectrum of events and activities focused on bringing nourishment to the growing artist comunity.

An artist's journey is a path of unfolding self discovery and expression.

Discover now whats going on at Praxis Arts or contact us to host your own event.

Art Classes & Workshops

Sit in with experts to gain skill, technique and knowledge within the visual arts.

Upcoming workshops:

The Alchemy of Oil Painting

3 Day Workshop, March 2 - 4 2018

Join David Heskin and Aloria Weaver for 3 days of training in the Theory and Practice of oil painting at Praxis Arts in Seattle.

As always, we will be delving deeply into the properties and working characteristics of oil paint and oil painting mediums.

This is not a completion-based class. We will be working on multiple small studies and painting exercises throughout the course, and each student will ultimately determine the level of completion that they will achieve in 3 days, particularly by making use of the open studio sessions every evening.

Through dedicated daily practice, the processes of direct and indirect painting techniques will be explored from start to finish, adjusting the formulas of our mediums to suit each approach. By de-mystifying traditional materials and mediums, a connection is made to the elemental sources from which oil painting supplies are sourced.

The classroom curriculum is tuned to logical and practical solutions in the theory and practice of oil painting, including the permanence and stability of our artwork, as well as studio safety and materials toxicity.

Practicing artists tend to gain the most out of our intensives, but the class is open to all levels. Wherever our students are on their art path, they will be able to use the hands-on knowledge in this course to exponentiate their skills to new levels of understanding and comfort with the complex array of artist's materials that are available.

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Yoga at Praxis Arts

You are invited to bring a yoga mat and rollout on our old wood floors for asana in the art gallery. Improve flexability, strength, and bloodflow while activating every muscle in the body with Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. These sessions are guided by an instructor and conducted on a donation basis. Please bring some water, a mat, and come 10 minutes early!

Stay tuned for upcoming Yoga
Sunday March 11 9:30pm - 10:30 Sunday March 25 9:30pm - 10:30

Meditation with Moksha


Join us for a short discussion and two 20 minute meditations, followed by tea and socializing! This is a gathering for anyone of any experience level. I'm available to teach you the how and why of meditation but think of this as less a class and more a reason to come together for a good cause.

These meditations are free to attend. Please bring a cushion to sit on and dress warm as the temperature can fluctuate.

Next Meditation:
February 25 2018 - 11am

Art Attack

OPEN HOUSE EVENT: Second Saturdays 6pm - 9pm

Join us each month for the Georgetown neighborhood art walk and see what these artists have been up to. A great opportunity to discover fresh works of art and meet the artists behind the scene in their working studios.

Theoria gallery at Praxis Arts also brings monthly fresh art to the walls with a rotation of regional artists in the visionary comunity.

Art Jam

Weekly. Starts fridays at 6pm

Once a week our doors are open for artists to assemble, make art and share a creative space together. Our goal is to collectively generate a concentration of creative energy to tap into and propel each other forward.

These are free events hosted at Praxis Arts. BYO art supplies, snacks and what ever you need to do your thing.

Host your own event

An antique sound chamber decked with fine art and old growth wood floors is offered as a stage for your creative events. If you are interested in hosting a class, workshop, lecture, demonstration, or creative performance - contact us for booking details.